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Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Facility


Metro Green is a Construction and Demolition Waste recycling company with two facilities in Atlanta to serve you. We process the debris resulting from construction, renovation, repair and demolition of commercial buildings, houses, roads, bridges and other structures. This material is usually dumped in landfills and buried. This debris can be dumped at our facility where we remove materials like concrete, rock, wood, cardboard, metal, and carpet and either process them into a recycled product or transfer them to someone who does. This results in thousands of tons debris being diverted from our rapidly filling landfills and provides usable recycled products, helping to save money and damage to our environment from the production and use of new materials. This coincides with programs like the USGBC’s LEED™ program for Green Building and Development and others that reward recycling and discourage placing material in landfills.

Some of the recycled products that we produce are available for sale. These include Graded Aggregate Base, #57 Aggregate, #34 Aggregate, Surge, and ½” Minus Aggregate, all made from Recycled Concrete. We also have Screened Fill Dirt.

Call 770-326-6000 to learn about our recycling and product options, now at two locations!

We are conveniently located in Northeast Atlanta, near the I-85/I-285 Interchange (“Spaghetti Junction”) on Pleasantdale Road. We make every effort to get your trucks through the scales, dumped or loaded and out the gate as quickly as possible. We know their time is valuable and the more loads they can haul, the better for all of us. 

Our second location is in Northwest Atlanta on Marietta Road just off of Bolton Road. The Marietta Road location only accepts concrete and rock. 

We are fully permitted by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) to operate a Material Recovery Facility (MRF).  We have a valid Air Quality Permits from the GA EPD as well as the proper local Zoning and Special Use Permits. You don’t have to wonder if you are dumping your material illegally, as you might at some locations.  

If you have a
LEED™ Project or similar project and you need documentation of the material being diverted from a landfill, we can provide that to you.  Everything that comes in or goes out of our facility is weighed and recorded so that our records are accurate.