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Metro Green Recycling was founded by Mitchell Stephens, who comes from an extensive background in the construction industry.

Previously with his family’s construction company, John D Stephens, Inc., Mitchell was involved in a project at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport which consisted of supplying and conveying 20.5 million cubic yards of embankment to help build the Airport’s fifth runway. A four mile conveyor system stretched over Atlanta’s I-285 creating a cost efficient and more environmentally beneficial means of supplying the fill needed to complete this significant project. Upon completion, the borrow area was permitted for a construction and demolition landfill and Stephens Industries was created.

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With construction on the rise and convenience of location, the landfill became a quick success. The Stephens family began to devise ways to preserve this landfill space through the means of recycling. Mitchell and his father, John D, traveled the country visiting and researching numerous facilities in hopes of bringing new methods of construction recycling to the Atlanta market. As a result, Mitchell saw an opportunity to expand and open satellite locations throughout the area. The first property was acquired in 2010 on Pleasantdale Road in Gwinnett County. For the next two years, the facility went though the necessary zoning, permitting and construction. In January 2012, Metro Green Recycling opened its doors to the public, focusing on concrete, wood, metal, and cardboard recycling. Metro Green would soon expand and in 2014 a second location was opened in Northwest Atlanta, on Marietta Road, solely concentrated on recycling concrete.
Metro Green Recycling is now one of Atlanta’s premier construction and demolition waste recycling facilities, offering significant economical

recycling solutions for construction projects of any size. Since the company’s inception, over 6 million tons of construction debris have passed through the facilities. Through 2020, roughly 5.3 million tons have been diverted and processed into a recycled commodity, which would have otherwise been disposed of into a nearby landfill. Metro Green’s reputable services have earned continued relationships with many of the state’s most respected grading and sitework, paving, demolition, trucking and roll-off contractors. Our processes, recognized by the USGBC’s LEED program, allow the diversion of materials such as wood, cardboard, metals and other waste from being landfilled. Broken concrete debris brought to each plant is crushed into superior quality, recycled construction aggregate and sold back to contractors for various applications on job sites. As Atlanta continues to develop and grow, Metro Green will remain dedicated to preserving the environment by promoting beneficial and cost-effective recycling means for our community.