Recycled Cardboard

For recycled cardboard Atlanta goes to Metro Green.

Recycled Cardboard In Metro Atlanta

This product is ideal for any of the following projects:

  • Chipboard
  • Paperboard
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Paper

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Using recycled product is a great way to protect and preserve our environment. Over 90% of all products shipped inside the United States are shipped in cardboard boxes. Naturally, cardboard is made from pulp and pulp is made from trees. Since there are a limited number of trees on the earth to provide us with oxygen and shade, it makes sense to try to not use so many of them to make all of those boxes. Even more important, the actual process of making cardboard is an environmentally messy and yields hazardous waste. Cardboard recycling can minimize these negative effects on the environment. Learn more about the benefits of a recycling program from the EPA.